zenpen, a minimalist online text editor
22 February 2014

I’m a fan of minimalism.

Simplicity and minimalism has the beauty of getting out of your way and freeing your mind to do what it should.

In the present time, everything is on the cloud, and the gadgets in our hand may do lesser and lesser.

A perfect example would be Chrome OS and Chromebooks. The whole idea behind this is to do as much of your work from the cloud as you can. And I believe that this is a fantastic idea!

Its a fantasy if I can do everything from my browser. Well, not everyhing exactly but as much as I would like to do.

Jotting down a paragraph of text is definitely one of those.

I felt the need today and searched the web for the best minimalist text editor I can find.

My search ended at zenpen.io.

Just what you’d need. Nothing more, nothing less.
More features I loved :

Do try, you’d love it too.