Asus X200CA KX219D review - portable beast
22 February 2014

I lost my previous laptop, a Lenovo G580 (i5 3rd gen, 4 GB, 500 GB) in a tragic incident last month.

So, for my next machine, I wanted to try something different, viz portability, without having to lose much on power and capacity.

My primary OS is linux and I hardly shutdown my laptop. So I couldn’t compromise on processing power leaving most of the portable netbooks out of the question.

On the day I went to the showrooms, I saw a number of laptops, but fell in love with this one on the first encounter.

asus x200ca

Very portable, light-weight, nicely built with spaced keys and a buttonless touchpad. All of this with i3, 4 GB, 500 GB. Considering the screen size of 11.6” only, this was a dream configuration. I couldn’t see any more laptops.

I had to compromise with just two things viz Screen Size and DVD Drive while in return I got extreme portability and ease of use.

It struck me that even if I buy a full sized laptop in near future, a portable i3 could be of great use. So I got it.

Around 20 days later, I can say it was the right decision. I’m hugely satisfied and delighted by its performance and portability.

Here are the specifications :

Features I like the most :

Things I wish were better :

asus x200ca

I’d highly recommend this laptop to everyone. Specially those like me who use laptops a lot.

After using both a full sized and a small sized laptop, I can see with no doubt that using a laptop this small and light is a delightful experience you’ll cherish.

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