Ubuntu 13.10 Scopy Salamander
20 October 2013

I just got the latest Ubuntu, and figured out its all about Scopes!

Desktop Apart from that, Saucy Salamander brings you

The problem is that most of this comes with all versions, so there’s only one thing to be excited about.

What are Scopes ?

Scopes are a way to refine the results you get in Ubuntu dash. With around 70 scopes now, Ubuntu tries to help you use the dash to get almost any thing you wish for.

But does it ?

The scopes or Dash Plugins as Ubuntu like to call them are bizzare, with lots of unfamiliar names.


Some results can be interesting:


Some can be perfect:


And ya, right clicking reveals more:


After experimenting a little, I realize the scopes are heading in the right direction, its just that they’re not quite there. Experimenting with the scopes is sort of fun, and it sure surprises.

Other changes include the volume drop down including “YouTube” along with Rhythmbox, a few new icons here and there and a new look for nautilus.

Overall, if you wish to experiment and love being cutting edge, go for upgrading, else you can skip this one.