Hi!, Anshul here.
07 September 2013

whoami ?

An earthling, just geeky.

My name is Anshul Kushwaha and I’m an undergraduate student of Computer Science.

I’m a geek and love to code. I’m also interested in psychology and sprituality, and have been experimenting with mindfulness lately.

while(1) love_to_code;

I’ve loved computers since I was first amazed by the screensavers that looped endlessly. I unlocked the incredible the power of code in the game of life when I first learnt BASIC in my school. It was wonderful to draw beautiful and colourful patterns using crazy loops. It was pure fun.

Next was C++. Coding took a new level, though I still missed my circles and colours.

Access to internet opened a whole new world. I found linux and fill in love instantly. I’ve not looked back and continue to use every linux I can get my hands on. I’m now a big supporter of open source and would love to contribute a lot in creating wonderful and free software.

This blog is fluid and I’m still working on it.

Do comment.